Old Hallmark with Symbols

Hi Paula,

You were referred to me as someone friendly who could help me with a makers mark on a jewelry item. I am generally very good at this, but this mark seems older, not in my books. Thank you in advance for any info you can provide. I think it’s Navajo 1930’s or 40’s.
001 004
What a beautiful bracelet Mike, the stones are exquisite.
As far as the hallmark, the lower portion could either be a snowflake, a star or the sun but since the upper portion seems to be rays, one would think a star or the sun, most likely the sun. And yet, I know of no such hallmark.
Perhaps you have since discovered whose hallmark this is. If so, please let the rest of us know. If not, perhaps another reader might recognize it.

9 thoughts on “Old Hallmark with Symbols

  1. Hi Paula!
    I asked two of the Navajo silversmiths in our shop to take a good look at this beautiful piece. It’s so hard to tell for sure from a photograph, but based on what we can see here, they believe the hallmark signifies the sun rising, that the stones are from the Fox and/or Royston mines, and that the piece may have been made during the 1970’s. Their basis for that was in close examination of the joining techniques and surface appearance of the silver. The hallmark may be a variation of a shop stamp, possibly from the Gallup, NM area. They do feel quite confident that it is Navajo made, but tracking down the actual artist may, unfortunately, not be possible. I hope that’s helpful! It is really a great traditional piece. I agree that the stones are wonderful!

  2. I have a similar piece of jewelry, a neclace, with the sun ray mark on the silver cone shaped pieces near the clasp. I can’t figure out how to post a picture. The neckace is made out of pink freshwater pearls and silver beads. There is a reversible heavy square cross pendant that has amethyst, and two different colored green gemstones that are clear. It’s absolutely beautiful and I have been trying to figure out who made it for years. I am familiar with navajo jewelry and it has a navajo style to it but the stones and pearls used seem unusual. Can you let me know how to post a picture or send pictures?


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