Roderick Tenorio not Roderick Torino

Hello Paula,

Hope you can answer a question for me. I was in Santa Fee (years ago) and during the open market I purchased a sterling silver cuff bracelet from I thought the artist Roderick Torino.

It is stamped sterling with RMT and a symbol like a loop with 2 lines across it.


Is this his jewelry? What is the difference between the half-moon R and the one I have?

Does this mean he didn’t make it?


Hi Renee,

First of all, it is Roderick Tenorio, a Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) artist who shares the hallmark with his wife Marilyn.

The hallmark you show is their hallmark.

When a piece also has the half moon and the R, it is an additional mark to indicate it is from the shop “Relios” which is now Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver jewelry.

That group of hallmarks were on the bracelet in our pawn shop which is probably how you found us and why you wrote us.


5 thoughts on “Roderick Tenorio not Roderick Torino

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  2. I have seen alot of Roderick Tenorio jewelry refered to as Navajo. I didn’t think he was navajo. What is correct?

  3. Carolyn Pollack Jewelry/Relios manufactured their jewelry in albuquerque. True. The stones that they get are hardly genuine and they’re pre-cut in China for abysmal labor rates. The Tenorio piece in this thread is what’s called “chip inlay” which is stone chips mixed with a resin and applied into the cavities in the silver mould with a tooth pick. If you want true Native American jewelry, buy it ditectly from a Native Americab, not QVC.

  4. i have a necklace with the logo R and a crescent half moon on interested to know where it came from,it also has a tag with a logo sing though no one can hear you.

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