Black on the inside of a bracelet I bought in November

My name is Regina

I bought a cuff bracelet for Christmas it has turned black on the inside on one end, when we cleaned it with silver cleaner some of it came off but you can still see where it was, the black around the inlay on the front is coming off. My husband loves this bracelet and wears it all the time. He works in a office so it did not get damaged at work plus he is partial handicapped so he is not really active at home so we can not figure this out. It just occurred in the past few days. Please tell me I have something that can be done I paid 400.00 dollars for this bracelet. Regina

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Hi Regina,

What you describe are normal signs of wear for a sterling silver bracelet that someone has used for over 7 months. (purchased Nov 2, 2012)

Black on the inside is natural tarnish of sterling silver caused by contact with air, skin oils, soap, lotions, and other elements. We suggest keeping the bracelet clean and using a polishing cloth on a regular basis rather than let the tarnish build up. We discourage the use of silver cleaner.

Here is the polishing cloth we recommend


The black is not inlay, but an oxidization of the sterling silver for accent.  It might have been your use of silver cleaner that took off some of the black on the front.

Read all about sterling silver care and cleaning here under the category Materials…..scroll down to Silver.

Here for example is one article – there are a number of others.

Best of luck,

Dear Paula,

Thank you very much for the information and your help !!
Respectfully yours

2 thoughts on “Black on the inside of a bracelet I bought in November

  1. Hi Paula!
    A few more reasons for Sterling to tarnish or blacken suddenly include exposure to a sunblock containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide, or to excessive body salts, such as in perspiration. Since it seems to have happened suddenly when the weather got warm, maybe one of these was the culprit. Wearing Sterling while in a hot tub (warm chlorine salts) will frequently turn the piece black! Rinsing the bracelet well as soon as possible after exposure to any of these natural tarnishing agents will help prevent the tarnish from forming.

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