Paula says “I haven’t got a clue – check it out”

Hi Paula
Friend of my mothers had one of the largest collections of Indian jewelry down in sea island. He daughter got her to move out west and she probably has past away by now. No telling what happened to that large collection.
Have you run across pieces like this. I have had Mayan expect say Apache, but I have never seen any American Indian carving like this. I am now beginning to think it came out of Peru. 30 of these, many broken were sold out in a Miami estate sale about 12 years ago. The person who bought it from the estate said the person was well known, but he could not disclose his name.
I wish I could have acquired the whole collection, but I did not have the money and I had 100’s of others buying them out at the same time, I was lucky to end up with 2 of them. Many of the knives, were thin and sharp, that is why most of those were broken.
!cid_19d96d3f_6f0e_4921_955b !cid_329fea61_2751_4b5f_b66eHi David,
I don’t know. Perhaps a reader is knowledgeable about this type of artifact.

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