New Feature on eBay will help you Value your Native American Jewelry Quicker !!

If you’ve read “Paula What is My Squash Blossom Necklace Worth” you know that in that article, I suggest you research what similar necklaces have sold for recently on eBay.

Well it just got easier. NOW, when you do your search and click Advanced, you can choose to only see “Sold Listings”


That will propagate a list of only items that have SOLD, for example, I just did a search of Native American concho belts and the list showed all the recent sales.

sold concho beltsBefore our only choice was “Completed Listings” and we had to wade through pages of items that closed but didn’t sell to find the few that did sell.

Now, all SOLD items are gathered together for you. A great improvement !!

This will make it much easier for you to get an idea of what your Native American jewelry item is worth.


8 thoughts on “New Feature on eBay will help you Value your Native American Jewelry Quicker !!

  1. Hi

    Yes that looks good. With a valuation you know what you have. But no idea what the market will pay for it.
    You often see ” valued at $900.00 will sell for $800.00 etc” anybody in the trade knows you do not have a hope”

    So now you have an idea what the market is doing that is great.

  2. I’m not sure about use all of the pieces from the inlay. Could you give me a estimated price of costs for a new inlay?

  3. I buy and sell on eBay, mostly buy and save when it comes to Native American pieces. I purchased the most amazing set of Ruby encrusted, stamped, very large sterling Navajo Pearls. The necklace is 26″ long and quite heavy, with the center bead being 1.25″ across from front to back, and definitely a one of a kind piece. It is stunning! For its obvious value, I know I got it for a song and dance. Though it was the most expensive purchase I have made from eBay.
    I took it to my favorite jeweler who makes custom pieces for a living, he was impressed with the workmanship and quality of the piece, but not knowing much about Native American jewelry, he was unable to give me a full market value. The best he could offer was the value of the 219 rubies and the weight, his appraisal was $5000.00 just for the supplies to make it. Four times more then what I paid for it!!! When I asked him what he thought I could get for it, his thought was at least $20,000.00.
    It is signed with the outline of a bird in silhouette, maybe a road runner, which I haven’t been able to track down, and sterling in block letters. The stamps on the beads depict symbols for Abundance, Friendship, Constancy, Plentiful Crops and Plentiful Game. The woman I got it from called it a Wedding Necklace. Given the symbols that would make sense, but I have never seen any reference to that type of item.
    Also, from what I have read through my hours and hours of research, the beads are hand made, not bench beads.
    I’m wondering how I would go about finding out what it’s true value is? I don’t know if I could ever sell it myself, but I feel it should be insured at least, and my children need to know. For now I wear it and love it, and show it off to anyone who’s interested.
    I could send pictures if you’d like to see it.

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