Moon and Star Pendant – Does Anyone Know Origin or Source?

Hi Paula

On your site, I stumbled across a pendant that is a moon with a star.

BB605-pendant-moon-star-1This is a symbol that means quite a bit to the love of my life. She had this exact necklace but somebody had stolen it which crushed her. We have been searching for one just like it ever since. I see that on your site it says it is sold but I was curious if you could point us in the right direction so that we may try and fill this void. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Rob,

This came in an estate lot and since it was NOT Native American made, I put it in our Bargain Barn where we put items that we do not know the origin.
The hallmark on it was
CSU and 925 (the designation for sterling silver).
I had no idea how to describe it and have not seen one before or since.
I did some brief research on the symbol and came up with this which I had posted on the item’s page:

The crescent and star are on many flags (Algeria, Kashmir, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Turkey and others); they are associated with the Ottoman Empire and ancient Turkey.

The Crescent Moon and Star have come to be associated with Islam, like the cross is to Christians and the Star of David is to Hebrews.

I will post this on my blog to see if anyone else can help. We have some readers that are well versed in all kinds of jewelry, so perhaps they can provide some information and a possible source for another.

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