Help with Identifying 1970’s Cuff Watch Maker and Lists of Hallmarks

I bought a Leagus Ahiyite Thunderbird pin/pendant from you a couple of years ago (to match one given to my mother in 1974-5). I bought it as a surprise gift for my sister so she could have one just like I have, of my mother’s. Perhaps you remember my story.
The original one of my mother’s is on the left and the one I bought from you for my sister is on the right.
LeagusAhiyiteThunderbird 'TWINS'_front_P1040642
LeagusAhiyiteThunderbird 'twins'_back_P1040644
My Dad, still living at 91 and missing my mom so much, has a mid-70’s Navajo watch cuff with Morenci turquoise stones, that goes with a matching ‘set’ (ring, bolo, buckle) that he bought in Arizona in 1974-1975 —same time he bought the Ahiyite Pin/pendant. My Dad asked me to see if I could find out the name of the artist/silversmith who made his set, but I have been searching for a couple of years, and so far have been unable to find out the silversmith who uses that hallmark/signature. The hallmark on it is like two bird-wing symbols, top one flying, bottom one upside down. .
Do you recognize this at all? ….or have any idea who the artist was?
Thank you
(PS: and my sister treasures her duplicate Ahiyite pendant!!!)
Hallmark two wings for SusanDad's Morenci set_Ring,Buckle,Bolo,Cuff+watch_P1020457
Hi Susi,
Of course I remember that great story of the twin Thunderbirds and the surprise for your sister !! Just love it !! Although the one I posted above is not exactly like the twins, I wanted to include it to commemorate the tale.
Now as far as your father gorgeous watch and ring, bolo, buckle – wow !
But I have not seen the hallmark before. It seems to be related to clouds to me yet one is upside down.
I looked through all of my hallmark books very thoroughly and do not see it.
There is a site that list hallmarks and one of them has a photo of the hallmark, asking for others to help identify it !
It is #87 toward the bottom of this page

Indian Native American Jewelry Artists
 & South West Shop Hallmarks- Symbols

While I am listing hallmark links, here are two links to a list of hallmarks that use letters.

Indian Native American Jewelry Artists
 & South West Shop Hallmarks A to L

Indian Native American Jewelry Artists
 & South West Shop Hallmarks, M to Z

Perhaps one of the readers of this blog might know the hallmark. Or you can watch the Symbols hallmark page I listed above to see if someone adds the name to the hallmark on your dad’s set.


5 thoughts on “Help with Identifying 1970’s Cuff Watch Maker and Lists of Hallmarks

  1. Paula, yes, the hallmark/maker’s mark at #87 on the link you provided IS a picture of THE HALLMARK that is on the back of my Dad’s watch. I provided it to that website some months before inquiring of you. My Dad is now 93, and unfortunately, we are no closer to solving the secret maker’s mark ! I have read that a lot of the Native American silversmiths back in the 70’s and before did not sign their works. And while the same person made his entire set, the only maker’s mark in the set is this one that exists on the back of the watch cuff. —nothing on the ring, or the bolo, or the buckle. He bought the set in Wickenburg AZ, if that is of any help to any of your readers. The silver work on the set is exceptional. Thank you so much for posting my inquiry. Perhaps some day someone will recognize it.
    The “twin” Leagus Ahiyite pin/pendant I bought from you is much loved. Thank you again for all of your exceptional help with it, and for ‘keeping the secret’ for those several months.
    My best to you,

    • A thought: perhaps the mark is wings over water / wings over waves; or perhaps clouds over water / an elongated ‘n’ over ‘w’

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