Do you have any information about the Anasazi Watch Company?

Dear Paula Friend,

Yesterday, I bought an Anasazi and turquoise watch at Ellis Tanner Trading Post in Gallup, NM. The sales associate there didn’t have any information about the Anasazi Watch Company and I couldn’t find anything about it online. Do you have any information about it?



Anasazi brand name Link watch Hi Andrea,

When we purchase watch tips from various Navajo and Zuni artists, they often have Anasazi watches with them. But I know nothing about the watch company itself. Maybe someone who reads this blog does. Paula

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4 thoughts on “Do you have any information about the Anasazi Watch Company?

  1. I think the brand is a private label for a quartz movement in a Chinese made case. They look very similar to the “Legacy” brand we carried for many years. For a small fee the manufacturer will put a face like that on the watches you order. I could not track down a source for them but it is possible that IJS, Thunderbird or another Indian Country supplier is having that label put on their watches.

    • Hi Russ,

      We buy watch faces from both IJS and Thunderbird and have never seen them offer Anasazi watches….but they DO come with many of the watch tips we get from various artists so perhaps they are from a supplier in Gallop that has a store there but doesn’t have an internet website. I’m going to ask a friend of mine when he gets back after this weekend – he might know. Paula

  2. Hello,

    Anasazi is a Navajo bench in Gallup, New Mexico. They have the name “Anasazi” added to watch faces by the manufacturer, and use these faces on their Navajo watches. Just to be clear – Anasazi watch tips are authentic Navajo made by various bench artists. If I recall correctly, Clayton Tom worked for them at one time.

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