Paula – Help with this hallmark – it is making my hair turn grey !

Hi Paula,
First, your Native American Jewelry store is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. !!!! Kudo’s to you!!
I am writing to you for help on a Sterling & Spiderweb Matrix Turquoise Ring I recently purchased.
I have collected Native American jewelry nearly all my life and usually not being able to identify a Hallmark or two won’t make me lose sleep at night, however, this one has managed to give me a full head of grey hair!! – o.k., so they were already there, but that’s beside the point…lol
The ring.. o.k. so, I believe it may be “modern” in age – but I may be completely wrong – I am just baffled by the entire ring actually.
I have every book you can think of – though most are pretty out-dated – and in the last 2 weeks, I have been scrolling through the internet trying to find something to go on with the Hallmark.
The only thing I found, was on-line, at a web-site –
The Hallmark inside of my ring is actually pictured not once, but twice on their site, but is listed in the “Unknown” categories, and each one is marked by them as “Shop?” .
So, the ring itself is extremely unusual – and the Turquoise is just breathtaking – the condition of the ring & turquoise, the hand stamped details & sterling overlay and the highly unusual band, are all in MINT, PRISTINE condition – someone before me also loved this piece and knew to care for it.
The Hallmark is remarkably prominent and to me, appears to be an elongated Letter “F” with possibly and “A” turned sideways with the top points of the “A” conjoined with the elongated portion of the “F”…. and it’s also prominently stamped “Sterling” above this, what I think to be “F” and “A” –
I have some gorgeous & clear photographs of the ring and the Hallmark and would love to hear if perhaps you could provide ANY input??
Also, I think it would be best for me to mention again that I think I may have successfully driven myself insane in my attempts to identify this hallmark (lol), so some help would truly be appreciated!!!
I work from home, so I am always here to be able to upload any photo’s you need of the ring and hallmark.
Until then, I will wait anxiously by my computer waiting for your reply!
Chat soon (I hope!!)
~ Elizabeth ~
necklaces 095 necklaces 108 necklaces 109 necklaces 110Hi Elizabeth,
Nice ring !¬† I have seen one other like this and I think it is my jewelry box at home. I’ll look tonight and if I find it, I will post a photo of it here. But I wanted to post this so maybe someone else can help you with the hallmark.
I too came up blank with all my sources. From the one photo of the hallmark you sent, to me it looks like a turkey track or other bird track, but then that’s just me !
There are some astute and experienced readers of this blog. Perhaps one of them recognizes the hallmark or style.
I’ll look through my ring box tonight………later, Paula
Here is my ring, square stone, smooth bezel and a little more beat up than yours, but definitely sisters !

5 thoughts on “Paula – Help with this hallmark – it is making my hair turn grey !

  1. I don’t know either. I do think it’s a shop mark but no idea what. At first I thought it was a stick figure because the bottom part is like the Carl Luthy stick figure but when I saw it online I decided it’s a bird, duck like. The ring is very nice and well done and it’s not very very old since it’s marked by the maker and for Sterling so clearly with those plates they started using around the 1960s.I’ll keep my eyes open though. I love these mysteries.

  2. Nice ring! I agree it is relatively recent based on the serrated bezel strip and the nice piece of probably Chinese turquoise. Using twisted square wire to make the shank is not too common. It might be Anglo made buy a designer craftsperson. I don’t recognize the stamp either. Even if we can’t help track down the maker it’s a very nice ring you will enjoy wearing.

  3. I want to know who is the artist with that same hallmark symbol. I am trying to find a certain Navajo cross that I wanted to buy from ebay, but I missed the bid by one dollar, and it was sold. I took pics of the cross and it has that same hallmark symbol as your ring, and it says Sterling on it too. Did you ever find out the artist or the shop that made your ring? Please let me know because I am looking for a specific cross that I want to buy. Thanks..

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