UITA Hallmark – United Indian Traders Association

Hi Paula,

First of all, Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email – i recently purchased a small silver thunderbird pendant that has a small turquoise stone. On the back, there is a Hallmark that reads:
UI (arrowhead)TA 10
 i believe the hallmark is for ‘United Indian Trade Assoc.’ but my question is, what does the number represent?
Thank You Again Paula!

!cid_F5B1228F-E389-45EB-BD14-7428B6003579@nyc_rr !cid_F35434EA-EA31-45AF-9F7B-14073AC0A739@nyc_rrHi David,

Although I have seen 10, I don’t know who it is connected to. Perhaps other readers of this blog have more information on 10. Your pendant looks like something from the Fred Harvey era, perhaps Bell Trading.

Here is some general information

Hallmark: UITA

UITA is the stamp of United Indian Traders Association, which was formed in 1931 for the express purpose of authenticating Native American Indian crafts.

According to Hallmarks of the Southwest by Barton Wright



2 thoughts on “UITA Hallmark – United Indian Traders Association

  1. Thank you Paula for helping me out with this inquiry – i love this particular piece. i recently took a trip to Santa Fe NM and found an almost exact thunderbird (minus the stone) and it was selling for $227!! i really hope someone can help further!

    have a great day!

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