If I can’t squeeze an inlay bracelet to put it on, what is the proper way?

Dear Paula,

I am sending you this email because I have been viewing one of your Inlay Bracelets on your website. we recently purchased a beautiful pendant and necklace and once it arrived we were very pleased! This bracelet is one I have loved since finding the pendant! I have read everything you have about sizing and still can’t determine if this one would fit me okay. I have a couple other cuff bracelets but they are not the proper fit and I can open and close them to fit, they also aren’t as expensive as this, so I
could really use your help!!! The bracelet I’m talking about is ITEM# NBN544(Steve Francisco-Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise and Opal Inlay Bracelet-size 6 1/4″-only one available).


My dilemma is will this bracelet fit my 6″ wrist the proper way? I do want to wear it right at the wrist area. I see that you state Inlay bracelets really aren’t meant to be adjusted so this is why I really would appreciate your honest opinion! Another Question I have is if you can’t open/close it, how do you put it on/off? I don’t want to make a purchase of this price and not be able to fit it properly, or damage it! Its too beautiful not to be
able to wear it!

If you could please respond I would greatly appreciate it!
Sincerely Yours,

Hi Lisa,

You should never have to open and close a bracelet to put it on or take it off. Once you find the correct bracelet size and you use the right technique (roll it on), they go on and off without changing shape or size and they won’t be damaged or misshapen and they will last a lifetime !!

Read the last paragraph here to see how to properly put a cuff on and off.

and this will provide more info too


Once you have read those, if you can send me the dimensions of a cuff bracelet that you do have that fits you well – measure inside using a cloth tape measure or a piece of string and then measuring the string on a ruler. Send the inside measurement end to end and then also send the measurement of the gap (the space between the ends).


Then I can tell you if this bracelet might work for you.  It is so beautiful and unique !  But yes, if you open and close this bracelet like you do with your others, it will likely lose stones. That’s because the stones are set into the bracelet end to end conforming perfectly to the shape of the sterling silver. If you change the shape of the sterling silver by squeezing or opening it, the stones will become dislodged.



2 thoughts on “If I can’t squeeze an inlay bracelet to put it on, what is the proper way?

  1. These all are really very nice specially the colours of it’s is awesome. It is such a nice collection. Bracelets are one of my favourite ornaments. I am glad to see these pattern . Thank you for these images

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