What is the quality of the watch itself in Native American watches?

Hello Paula
I’m interested in the Freddy Charlie – Navajo Sterling Silver Boulder Turquoise Ladies Watch Tips HK Item # WL-381. Can you tell me about the quality of the watch itself? In many cases, I’ve seen some beautiful work undone by using a cheap Chinese timepiece. Do you know anything about the make/origin of the watch itself?
Hi Dave,
Most of the Native American artists just sell us the tips. Watch tips are the decorative panels between the watch face and the band.
We add a watch face and expansion band to the tips allow the buyer to see how the watch looks as a complete unit. But basically we are selling the hand made tips. Many of our customers use the watches and bands we include as is and some change to their favorite watch and/or band.
The watch faces are inexpensive battery operated quartz watches. We’ve never had a complaint about them and I have a half dozen watches myself from the store with these watch faces in them and have not had a problem. But they are nothing fancy or expensive. I think they are made in China.
You can easily change the watch face or band.

2 thoughts on “What is the quality of the watch itself in Native American watches?

  1. Hi Paula,
    Usually the watches are Chinese made cases with a Swiss electronic movement. Batteries are usually easy to replace.
    The bands vary a lot. We always preferred to use the Speidel bands. They are very sturdy and relatively easy to add or remove links. They don’t have the expandability of the scissors style bands. Large hand and small wrist might require the scissors style but it will need to be repaired more often than the Speidel band.

    • Hi Russ,
      We use the Speidel type bands too for the same reasons. We occasionally get a pawn watch with a scissor band but they usually are all stretched out of shape with little or no expansion left.
      We always put a fresh battery in the watches we sell just before we ship them. Like you say, it is easy !! Paula

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