Silver tone symbol bracelet – could it be a Bell Trading bracelet?

Hi Paula, I am the person who is anxiously awaiting the copper stamped Bell Trading bracelet CSB32.


I have a question about a piece I have.  It looks exactly like the piece I have purchased except it is nickel silver looking.  It does not have a Bell hallmark, but at one end in the border depression there appear to be 2 “C’s” facing each other like a figure 8.  There also appears to be a copper or brass metal under the silver tone metal finish.  At one tiny place a different color metal can be seen and there is a greenish-blue hue along one edge.  The fact that this piece is the exact replica, except for stamping, of the piece I’ve purchased is intriguing.  Do you have any ideas where I could get more information about it.  Thank you very much.  Dorothy

bracelet 003 bracelet 012Hi Dorothy,

There have been a lot of nickel plated Indian symbol bracelets made since the 1930s.

Yes it is identical to the copper one you purchased from our store which had the Bell trademark stamp on it. And it seems like it could very well be nickel over copper although it is hard to tell from a photo.

As to the hallmark, I am not familiar with it.

Perhaps someone else knows about the CC Figure 8 type stamp and can help.


5 thoughts on “Silver tone symbol bracelet – could it be a Bell Trading bracelet?

  1. When I received the copper bracelet (beautiful!) I noticed that it also had the “figure 8” in the groove on the inside of the bracelet. It may be CO. The pair of bracelets make quite a set and any more information will be appreciated. Thank you. Dorothy

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  3. Oh my goodness. I just happened upon this page. I have an identical bracelet to the silver one you describe, except that there is no wearing or showing of any metal underneath. I have had this bracelet for 52 years and have worn it countless times with nothing showing through. I have had many people look at it and they can’t tell me anything. I try from time to time to find the makers mark (the two sideways c’s or horseshoes or?) and this is how I came upon the page today. Any luck finding the maker??? I was so shocked seeing yours online!

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