Significance of this 1970s era necklace – anyone?

Hello Paula,
I have a necklace given to me by my father who passed away in 1977
I know nothing of the background other than it was purchased or given to him between 1970 and 1977.
Actually knowing my father the piece is most likely fake but I thought I should ask somebody
if I should investigate further.
The centerpiece of the necklace is a turquoise stone 1 and 5/8 inches long and 1 inch wide.
I think it may be Bisbee turquoise as it has the brown or red spider webbing on it and in some lightthere is a green hue around the brown. The blue is very light robin’s egg color lighter on top.
It is set in silver definitely hand made the silver has aged a little and is turning black.
The chain is  18 inches long each link is almost 1 inch long 1/8 of an inch thick they look hand made and havesilver balls in the middle of the links. The connect link connect to a small hook to a piece of leather.
Strangest part of it is the two teeth beside the stone set in the silver that holds the stone.
I think they are North American cougar canine teeth 1 and 3/4 inches long.
The teeth are set at the top in the silver that holds the stone and at the bottom held by silver wire looped or wrapped around each tooth the end of the wires have a small ball of silver matching the chain.
There are no hall marks. The silverwork is crude.
The backing seems to pounded out of a single small sheet of silver.
There is silver wire soldered on and around the teeth.
The chain has very large links they appear to hand crafted.
The chain and pendant each weigh 45 grams 
I am just looking to identify it`s origin and perhaps it`s meaning.
Any ideas ?
!cid_25CE8204BC6548C694AF826D5A98AE6B@Rikk !cid_696B9F86A7564D18BB17D99C153FCEC1@RikkHi Rikk,
As you can see I am way behind in answering and I do apologize.
What a unique piece you have. The “stone” is gorgeous whether it is fake or real or from whatever mine it is from – it has a great look.
I am definitely not an expert on teeth but based on my limited experience, these look like some walrus teeth I have seen. But the shape is also like a the canines of a North American mountain lion/cougar.
Cougar-Mountain Lion North American

Cougar-Mountain Lion North American

Cougar Teeth

Cougar Teeth

Walrus Teeth

Walrus Teeth

I’m hoping someone else who reads this blog might have an idea on the origin of this piece.


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