Cuff watch – is it Navajo?

Dear Paula,

I recently got a Native American watch band cuff from my uncle. He says that quite a few years back [maybe 20 years ago or so] he was in Montana or Nevada and purchased this. I was hoping you could help me I.D what type of band it is and help me figure out how to mount a watch on to it. All I know is that the design doesn’t seem to be that of a Navajo styling, but has been signed.
Thank you in advanced,
Kristie from Canada 🙂
DSCN0894 DSCN0913 DSCN0926Hi Kristie,
Your beautiful cuff watch was made by Navajo artist Allen Chee.  He is known for traditional cuffs, some with appliques such as your eagle.
Installing a watch face (timepiece) into this cuff watch should be done by a jeweler familiar with Native American jewelry. I’ve sent you the contact information for the NA jeweler we use and are very happy with.

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