Could this possibly be a Zuni Bracelet?

In 1971 my cousin who lived in LA gave me a bracelet.  Only recently was it noted to me that it was a Zuni design.  Upon close inspection an inscription was found on the inside.  The letters S P Boone with Zuni below.  Was there a Zuni artist with this hallmark?  I am hoping you can assist me in this search to see if there is value in the bracelet.  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.
Living blessed,

More from Janice…………In 1971 I was gifted by my cousin in LA this bracelet.  The only reference as to its origin is I remember his saying it was one of some items he had picked up while on a trip to Arizona or New Mexico.  I had admired it and a couple of other pieces.  He gave all the pieces to me.  He passed away 6 years ago, so I cannot get any background info from him.  The bracelet spent most of the last 42 years tucked into my jewelry box.
Recently I wore the bracelet for a special occasion and a friend noted it looked to be a Zuni bracelet.  I had no clue what that meant so she told me it was a quality piece of work by the Zuni tribe.  She looked at the bracelet and the inside had the initials S P Boone, with the ‘ne’ portion being linked together.  Below is zuni.
Age:  42 years +
Hallmark:  S P Boone Zuni
Weight:  .35g.
Dimensions:  2.5″ x .75″ that tapers down to an opening, 1.24″
Condition:  no cracks of missing stones
I know nothing other than what little I have researched online.  The bracelet displays a design I see on many of the inlaid Zuni pieces.
Is anyone familiar with the artist, S P Boone?
Hi Janice,
Although I have no information or knowledge about an SP Boone, the name Boone is a common Zuni name. We have a number of fetish carvings from the Boone family such as this jet horse by Emery Boone.
Jet horse with inlay by Zuni carver Emery Boone
And as you have discovered, that style of inlay is distinctively Zuni such as this bracelet by Zuni artist Quinton Bowannie
Zuni inlay bracelet by Quinton Bowannie

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