How do I get the artist’s name off the back of my collar?

Hello Paula,
Do you have any suggestions for removing the price and artist’s name written
in ink from the inside of the sterling silver collar that we just received. We are not
having any luck. Thank you.

COL75-plain-tahe-2Hi Sandra,

Whoops !!  First of all, so sorry we missed removing the name from your collar. I know it must seem odd but it is normal operating procedure with Native American made jewelry to write the price and sometimes the artist’s name on the back of a pendant, bracelet, and in your case, a collar.  Usually a black sharpie pen is used which is pretty hard to rub off. Some artists and sellers even put a small coat of clear nail polish on the sterling silver and then write on that and/or put a coat of clear nail polish over what they have written.

Anyway, to make a long story short, here we use acetone or regular nail polish remover to take off the marker.  You can also use non-acetone polish remover – it will still work but take a bit longer.

Again sorry, that must have been during the holidays when we were wild people.


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