Bear Paw Ring – Do You Have Info on the Hallmark?

Hi Paula,

I have a ring with a hallmark that is listed on this site as
an unknown (it’s the one marked 007).


It appears to be a Hopi-style  overlay ring with a bear claw motif.  I just wondered if you had any  better information on it.
Thanks! V

bearclawring bearclawringfrontHi V,

Although this could be described as Hopi style, I am not convinced it is Hopi made. I don’t see this hallmark in any of my books including Hopi Silver which is where it would appear if it was Hopi. Also I have never seen that style of textured background, either Navajo or Hopi.

Perhaps someone else recognizes the hallmark or the unusual texturizing of the background of the ring.


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