What can you tell me about this estate sale concho belt?

Hi Paula,

Thank you for your blog. I live in Malibu which is a treasure chest for native american pieces.

Every year I seem to collect something special from Estate Sales and this week I picked up a

Concho Belt.

I do not know any of the history of where it originated from and it could be a replica or a craft piece.

But I want to know if you can give some insight.

It is a Women’s Concho Belt and there are I think Cream Jasper Oval Stones and peyote beads, and MOP shell beads.

I don’t think the backing is leather. Thanks, Cynthia

IMG_5345Hi Cynthia,

I’d think your interesting belt is a craft belt, probably not Native American made, but pretty and unique nonetheless.

The beads are seed beads. They are not sewn in a peyote stitch – you can read about the peyote stitch here.

Here is an example of the peyote stitch on a pipe tamper made by Lakota artist Alan Monroe.


5 thoughts on “What can you tell me about this estate sale concho belt?

  1. Have some questions about my squash blossom with matching earrings….Its signed H.Wood…I believe the stones to be Sleeping Beauty Turquiose….one stone is starting to turn/ darken to a blue/green….it is a pettite squash….very beautiful!!! Would like to know some history and possible value. The matrix is black with fools gold. It is a heavy piece but very femmine.

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