Is this white buffalo bracelet on eBay really white buffalo, howlite or what?

Hi Paula,

Would you look at this item on eBay and give me your opinion?  It seems like if this is really white buffalo turquoise, it would be priced much higher……..isn’t this howlite?

Native White Buffalo Turquoise Bracelet Cuff Huge Signed AC


Hi Cara,

I hesitate to the put the URL or photo of the item in this post lest I get backlash from the eBay seller.

So, I went to the item page on eBay. By the title and description, I would have thought that the item was White Buffalo from the seller’s words but the photos did not look like White Buffalo stone. So I wrote the seller. Here was his/her reply.

“I’m so glad you asked! We start all of our auctions at 99 cents. If you scroll to the bottom of any of our auctions, you will see a short glossary of terms. I think you will find it informative and helpful. This is not howlite. It is, as stated in the ad, “block” turquoise. Thank you for your interest in our auctions and have a wonderful day! ”

So the answer Cara is that it is not

White Buffalo Turquoise (as stated in the title of the auction listing)


White Buffalo Stone

nor Howlite

but artificial block stone made to look like White Buffalo. One must be ever vigilant and read the fine print these days. And never be afraid to ask. This seller was prompt and courteous in letting me know that it was artificial material.

Here is a link to a related article I just posted today 11-15-2017

White Turquoise Demystified

You can browse examples of authentic white buffalo from our webstore – note the wonderful variation in the stones.

NP413-ABCD-whitebuffalo-nelson-B NP413-ABCD-whitebuffalo-nelson-C NP413-ABCD-whitebuffalo-nelson-DPaula

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