Who made this bracelet I bought in Utah? FW hallmark

Hello Paula, I have a  sterling and turquoise cuff bracelet I purchased many years ago from an “Indian” store in cedar city, Utah. If I remember right it cost somewhere around $400. Any info or input you may have would be greatly appreciated.
It has a hallmark stamp on the back of it in which I can not identify. I have pictures of the bracelet if you would like.  the hallmark reads
                                                          thanks so much, Lynne
native 001 native 003 native 004 native 006Hi Lynne,
You have a beautiful classic Navajo style row bracelet. What is not typical, however, is the scroll work at the ends.
As far as the hallmark, I do not know. I have attributions to a FW hallmark where the F is stacked on top of the W. And a hallmark with periods after each initial, but none just like yours.
Perhaps someone else knows.
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4 thoughts on “Who made this bracelet I bought in Utah? FW hallmark

  1. This needlepoint watchbracelet has much more hefty silver than is normally used in needlepoint work. It weights in at 70 grams and features double rows of nicely matched needlepoint turquoise. Made by Francis Begay and signed F.M. Begay Navajo on the underside. The watchbracelet is 1″ wide and measures 5 1/2 inside tip to tip with an opening of a bit over an inch. A rare find to find something like this as heavy and as nice workmanship.
    I am from Kanosh, Utah of which is Paiute Indian Country. Cedar City is about 2 hours from there. Here is info on your F.M. signature.

  2. I too have a nice bracelet marked FW sterling that has long claws with sterling work between them and 2 turquoise stones with black matrix. I sure wish someone had some idea of how old it is and who FW might be. thanks, Linda in MA

  3. I also have a cuff bracelet with the FW the “F” seems to be bolder the “W” There is no period after each letter. Mine is about 1.5″ at the widest center is mother of pearl with jade and turquoise stones in the shape of a dancer on the mother of pearl and on either side there are coral stones, it is a fairly heavy piece, similar to ZUNI Augustine and Roselie Pinto piece.I would love to find out more about it.

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