K. LEWIS concho belt – can you help with information?

Hi Paula,
I have a belt I bought 30 years ago from a friend who in the 1940s would go to arizona hunt doves.  Then go to reservation and buy jewery from the indians.   This belt has hallmark     HANDMADE   K. LEWIS     I also have information his name    is    KEYBAHI  LEWIS     Im looking for any info on the belt or artist  to sell.

 Belt is 37 inches long.  
Thank you    CHARLES
CONCHO 001 CONCHO 002HI Charles,
It is a beautiful belt with lovely turquoise stones. However, I have no first-hand knowledge of K. Lewis or that hallmark, nor does it appear in any of my hallmark references.
I am posting this in hopes that someone else might recognize the hallmark.
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