What kind of agate is in this old cuff bracelet?

I also have an old cuff that my mother has passed on down to me. She said that a old friend gave it to her back in the 60’s. No one seems to know what kind of stones are in it. I’ve looked on the net and I’ve found a pic that looks simular to it but not sure. I think it’s either Blood Vein Moss agate/jasper or Bloody Basin Moss agate. The color is a dark blood red in a mossy looking vein on a light whitish blue background with a little dark green near the edge of the stone . Sending pic. Would you happen to know what stones they are? Pleeeeease help?


I don’t know. I’m posting this in hopes that someone might be able to help you identify the stones. Paula

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2 thoughts on “What kind of agate is in this old cuff bracelet?

  1. Almost like a crazy lace agate, too. Looks a lot like moss agate, though. Regardless of its name, it is gorgeous and will be cherished, I’m sure, for many more generations.

  2. Often, dealers kind of make up their own names for things like that. It’s probably safe to call it a form of red dendritic agate. Very nice piece, anyway.

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