What is the history on this bracelet I bought at an antique shop?

Hi Paula,

I recently acquired a stunning, signed turquoise and silver bracelet and don’t know anything about its origin. Purchased at a local antique shop, the owner didn’t have any information on it but I simply liked the looks of the piece and my husband purchased it for me. How could I better research this item?

I attempted to post my pictures and questions to your blog, but I couldn’t find where to post it on WordPress. Did you mean for me to send you an email with the photos and information? See attached photos and description below. I will be checking the blog for your response.



DSC_0106 DSC_0109 HI Frani,

Yes a stunning bracelet, that is for sure. It seems to be a vintage Navajo cuff made with a gorgeous piece of turquoise. I see it has a stable crack.

You sent the signature as if it were MS but when I flipped the photo so that it read SW, it seemed more like a natural flow of the signature.

DSC_0109 right side upNone of my vintage hallmark books show an SW hallmark. We have purchased some contemporary pieces by a Navajo artist Steve Wallace but he stamps the initials in Gothic SW and wouldn’t have been around to make this vintage piece.

Perhaps someone else might have an idea.

Regardless, it is very pretty, vintage Navajo cuff bracelet !


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