What kind of plant it on this ring and is it Hopi?

Hello Paula! First I would like to say I really love your site, I come to it often for info!  I have obtained this nice ring I believe is Hopi overlay. My question is what is it? I don’t think it is corn, but is obviously a plant. I can’t find this symbol in order to identify it. Also, it is hallmarked “YZR” which does show in my photo. I’m trying to identify the maker. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!


DSC00415 DSC00417Hi Paula,

From the photo you sent, I don’t think it is Hopi, although it is the shape of many Hopi rings I have seen. You can read about the characteristics of Hopi and Navajo overlay here.

From the photo of the back, I do not see the hallmark. I do have record of a YZ and a Y&R hallmark but no YZR. If you can send a better photo, I will dig deeper.

As far as the plant, it is probably a stylized corn plant.


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