Is this miniature pitcher authentic Native American made ?

Good Morning Paula,
My name is Tony and I have a small store in Lusk, Wyoming. I sell all type of antiques and jewelry which include costume and real.  Plus I have a nice collection of Native and Mexican jewelry made of sterling and set with various stones.  I just recently bought off eBay and got my first package today, of which I got a miniature pitcher which you have listed on your site for sale.  The pitcher you have says it’s made by Elizabeth Whitman.  The piece I have is the same measurement in height and looks exactly the same, but the markings on base are RRW over the word STERLING.  Can you elaborate for me if this is a fake?  The only RRW I’ve been able to locate is Raymond Ray Whitman; a mixed media artist from the Creek Yuchi Tribe in Oklahoma.  Is he related to Elizabeth Whitman? Thank you.
I only know of Elizabeth Whitman and her son Wesley Whitman. Elizabeth makes pitchers and tea sets and pots and pans.
Here is a pitcher for comparison – it is similar to yours but there are some differences such as the overall shape, the shape of the handle, the lip and so on.
Wesley also makes those items and in addition, some beautiful seed pots and wedding vases.
I have never seen another family member associated with the Whitmans or their miniatures nor have I seen the RRW hallmark.  Perhaps another reader of this blog has seen the hallmark.
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