Which of these crosses would be suitable for men?

Hi Paula

Are any of the following crosses appropriate for men

Hello JaJa,
It is a matter of personal preference, but from a female perspective – of the ones you ask about this one might be OK for a man.

Size is a big issue, so be sure you look at the dimensions – and know how we will wear it.

If he wants to wear a cross as a choker, such as on a leather thong, he probably wouldn’t want one too big, so something like this is very popular with guys.
NP263-AB-cross-yazzie-ABThis one is a little larger, goes well on a leather cord and also is very manly.
If he want to wear it on a long chain, then it could be much bigger, so here are some ideas.

It really is a matter of size and personal taste – be sure to get out a ruler so you know what size would be best.

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