Origin of Stamped Cuff Bracelet please……….

Hello Paula,
This cuffed bracelet is the only item I saved from my “play” jewelry as a child.  It was probably given to me from my grandmother about 40 or 50 years ago.  I have no other history about it.
Do you recognize this stamped symbols on this bracelet or possibly it’s origin?
Thank you for your blog. Any insight is very much appreciated.
!cid_1_2171128228@web181405_mail_ne1_yahoo !cid_2_2171128228@web181405_mail_ne1_yahoo !cid_3_2171128228@web181405_mail_ne1_yahoo 2014bettyfunk_braceletHI Betty,
Your very handsome bracelet seems to be a nickel silver bracelet from the Fred Harvey era, probably from Bell Trading Company
It is possible that is the remnant of one of theirs or Sun Bells hallmarks and is just worn from years of play !
It is of the typical design and style and with stamps of that era.
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BST478-bell-arrowhead-nickel-turq-1 BST478-bell-arrowhead-nickel-turq-2

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