Can I wear this inlay ring to do dishes and shower without worry?

Hi Paula,

Can I wear this ring to do dishes and shower with out worry
Thanks Daniel

NR448-AB-inlay-masonic-concho-A3-400w NR448-AB-inlay-masonic-concho-B3-400w

Dear Daniel,


PR708-WB-owl-kallestewa-1No, you would have to worry big time. Inlay items are made of many small pieces of stone and shell that are affixed to a backing and to each other. Getting inlay wet such as in a dishpan or shower would allow water to get under the inlay and loosen it. It is NOT a good idea.

Inlay, properly cared for, will last decades as shown by the many wonderful pawn and estate lot pieces we receive. But any inlay, old or new, should be treated with respect and common sense.


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4 thoughts on “Can I wear this inlay ring to do dishes and shower without worry?

  1. Hi Paula!
    Your good advice applies to bezel set stones too, not just inlay. Letting those soak may cause the sawdust packing underneath to swell and push the stone up and out of the setting. It is best to not let them get too wet.

  2. My girlfriend recently got a bear ring with some beautiful inlay work and I was wondering if there is anyway to protect the inlay. Is there a lacquer or some kind of clear finish we should/could apply to protect the ring and the inlays? She has quite a few rings and we haven’t had a problem before, but this is one of the more intricate rings and I would feel badly if one of the stones fell out.

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