E/C Hallmark on Bear Claw Necklace

May 9, 2014

Hi Paula,

I have a man’s antique  Indian Necklace which came into my family’s possession about 1960 in Cody, Wyoming.
It has sterling silver, blood coral, turquoise and bear claws. The designers hallmark is E/C inside a circle.
Thank you for any help in finding the designers identity.

Native American jewelry 01 Native American jewelry 02 Native American jewelry 03 Native American jewelry 04Hi Anne,

I’ve checked all my resources and did not find this hallmark. Perhaps another reader recognizes it and will post a reply here.

What a GREAT necklace you have in your family – it is just handsome, gorgeous, beautiful !

The turquoise is excellent, the coral pieces stunning, the Mother of Pearl accents perfect. Although constructed in the squash blossom style (associated with the southwest cultures), the scrimshaw pieces are not typical of southwest Native American artists so this leads me to think of my days in the Pacific northwest and Alaska when I saw pieces more like this. As to its Wyoming connection, I am curious. Do you have any more information surrounding the acquisition in 1960?


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Navajo Bear Claw Pendant by Edward Jim

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