Is this pendant marked “HOPI HAND MADE” a fake?

Hello Paula

I hope you can help me.  I purchased a silver beaded chain necklace (1 long bead, 2 round beads) and what looks like a thunderhead pendant an online auction today — and will pick up tomorrow…

I am trying to research the mark, and now am afraid that it’s a fake.

It’s marked


From the photos I can’t see any other marks on the back of the pendant and

I haven’t been able to find this mark anywhere on the internet, hopefully you can help me.

Thank you very much!  I really appreciate that you do this service for people.

I will wait with baited breath for the answer…
hopefully it’s good news and not bad!



CLOSE UP!cid_tie_8D14E41EC7D61E4_3218_6924A!cid_tie_8D14E41ED74F14C_3218_6924EHi Karen,

I have never seen the hallmark



nor does it appear in any of my reference books.

Furthermore, when I look at the pendant I see at least two things that are not characteristic of Hopi work.

First the stamping around the bird’s tail – stamping is not usually seen on Hopi silver work. That would be associated more with Navajo silversmithing.

Secondly, the background that the overlay is placed on top of is smooth, not textured. Hopi under layers are usually textured.

Perhaps another reader of this blog has seen the stamping on the back before. But from my knowledge and experience, I can’t provide any information for you which authenticates it.


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Cyrus Josytewa Hopi Sterling Silver Overlay Kokopelli Man in the Maze Buckle


One thought on “Is this pendant marked “HOPI HAND MADE” a fake?

  1. Thank you very much for your reply and your research. I will beware in the future from buying from online auctions!

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