Suspending the Jewelry Question Service

paula at desk 24 hours

Paula 24-7

Due to my super busy schedule, I am suspending the free service I have provided in the past whereby I answer questions about your Native American jewelry.

I have found that 95% of your questions are either “What is this hallmark” or “What is this worth?”.

Since I don’t do appraisals from photos and identifying a hallmark often only helps you, I have suspended the Q&A service and instead have been using my blog time to post articles of information.

Be sure to search this blog for the answer to your question. It is possible I have posted some information that will help you answer your own question.


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9 thoughts on “Suspending the Jewelry Question Service

  1. i am very sad to read this email, but also know you are a very busy lady – i hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and cannot WAIT to hear from you in 2015!!!

    • Thank you David,
      You’ll be seeing articles on topics that I have been wanting to write about yet this year, but just no more Q&A. ALL of the Q&As in the queue were about hallmarks and while important, there is so much more of universal interest to everyone that I can be adding to this blog. So I’m shifting gears. I do appreciate your appreciation !!!! Paula

  2. Hi Paula, I just found this blog! I know you aren’t answering questions in depth, since you are so thorough.. But I really have an issue and I hope you can just lead me in a direction. I have a stacked fetish necklace and the center turquoise fetish snapped off at the drilled hole where it is threaded onto the necklace – so it fell off the necklace. (I have both parts.) I don’t even know if it CAN be repaired, but I really hope so. To whom should I take or show this for repairs or at least an estimate? Do you have an article/answer similar to this already on this blog? Do you have an idea for the next step can I take next?

    Thanks SO much for your insight! J’Amy

      • Hi. 

        Thanks for getting back with me!  Unfortunately, I live on the east coast, in Gettysburg, PA. I’m wondering if a broken turquoise item can even be repaired… it’s a carved turtle, a little larger than a half dollar.  It broke off at the neck, where it was drilled to go as the centerpiece on the fetish necklace… should I send a picture to them?  Or what type of jeweler can do these sorts of repairs? 

         Thanks again for your time!  I won’t ask any more questions… 

        Best.    J’Amy

        From my Android phone on T-Mobile.

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