Benjamin Becenti Inlay Storyteller Concho Belt shows Navajo life

Born about 1950, Benjamin Becenti is the son of Robert Becenti, Sr and the
brother of Robert Becenti Jr. He is from Crownpoint, New Mexico. He has been
active in inlay work since the 1970s.

He is well known for his wonderful inlay storyteller belts. Each panel shows a different scene from Navajo life.



CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-7 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-8 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-9 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-10 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-11 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-12 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-13 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-14 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-15 CB58-CCC-storyteller-becenti-16

He uses turquoise, mother of pearl, acoma jet, red coral and orange spiny oyster for his inlay work.

This belt is NOS, New Old Stock,  vintage but never used.


3 thoughts on “Benjamin Becenti Inlay Storyteller Concho Belt shows Navajo life

  1. I have two of these, one much older than the other with 3 x 2-1/2″ conchos and lots of pipestone and serpentine used in the figures, signed RB Navajo. The newer one has 3 x 2″ conchos and is signed RB 591803. Both with the same type workmanship and similar figures. I wondered if one could be by the father and one the son?

  2. We have a 3″X2″ Conchos belt called Navajo Life Belt by Benjamin Becenti BBHT that has 10 Conchos on it.
    Could you tell me when this was made and a little history of it. I would also like to know what the
    value is for insurance.

    Thank You Very Much

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