11 thoughts on “Handmade Native American

  1. Good Medicine – it’s interesting how people translate creativity, and don’t estimate the time and attention the artist put’s into their craft. i am in a creative field, and i used to get asked all the time, “if i buy the materials, will you make something for me?”……so strange, thanks for posting Paula.

    • My pleasure David – some people just don’t realize what it takes to create while others think mainly in terms of the dollar amount of materials and don’t value the most important part of a piece of work – the artistry ! Paula

  2. Love this! I play guitar at weddings, and it’s amazing how many people say it’s too expensive. I’ve been so tempted to say, “Then you put in years of practice, buy and load and set up this gear, and put in ten years of experience to be certain everything runs smoothly on your big day.”
    Bravo for that artist!

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