Can I wear my sterling silver bracelet in a hot tub with chlorinated water?

Dear Paula,

I just placed an order for a sterling silver twist bracelet and am very excited to receive it. I was speaking to family members that own Sterling silver and they said it will turn black if I wear it in the pool or hot tub.I am thinking that my bracelet is made from better material and that I will not have this problem. Please let me know what you think about this matter.
I love the look of this bracelet and have been waiting to purchase it for quite a few years. I have had your website in my favorites and I finally made my purchase. Thank you for your time and patience. WS


Hi WS,

The bracelet you ordered is made from sterling silver. I have had one for years and it is as shiny as ever – maybe once a year I wipe it with a polishing cloth.
But I have never worn one in a shower, bath, dishwater, pool, hot tub and wouldn’t recommend it because as you would learn if you google this search phrase “sterling silver chlorine”

One effect that chlorine can have on sterling silver is discoloration or tarnish. Discoloration happens when the copper in the alloy reacts with the chlorine. The discoloration can be either a light brown or black.

Also, silver is a very good conductor of heat so wearing jewelry in a hot tub would seem to invite discomfort…….just sayin’


5 thoughts on “Can I wear my sterling silver bracelet in a hot tub with chlorinated water?

  1. Chlorine AND bromine… Bromine is probably the worst, lots of spas/hot tubs prefer bromine. Turns to silver bromide, looks like the dull side of aluminum foil. It is recoverable, commercial silver tarnish removers will restore it, but the commercial cleaners will also remove any antiquing or natural age coloration. Recommend NOT taking silver for a swim or a soak in the hot tub…..

  2. I have a ton of sterling silver jewelry. I’ve been wearing them since my college days and I’m 39 now. 😉 They’re right, we should not be wearing them in pools and tubs as the chemicals in those places will interact with sterling silver. Better just wear it either for casual occasions or even special ones. I use a special white powder and soft cloth to clean it once a week.

  3. Hello,
    I am in dire need on where you can purchase another bracelet like the one you have pictured above. I bought one exactly like this in Scottsdale arizona shop in 2000 before I moved out of state. Mine was stolen this past week and I an trying to find out the value and where and how I can replace mine. I loved it so it is a great peice and in wear it almost daily.
    Please help with any info.

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