Unknown Hallmark on Vintage Claw Pendant

This vintage (perhaps 1960-1980?) claw pendant has all the characteristics of being Navajo made.

It does have a hallmark but I have been unable to connect it to a specific artist.

It is similar to many leaf and feather hallmarks, but none quite like this.

If anyone does know this hallmark, please let me know ! thanks, Paula

2 thoughts on “Unknown Hallmark on Vintage Claw Pendant

  1. Don’t know the mark but would love an article sometime on how to tell natural claws from fabrications. I have a few in pieces but am not sure if they are genuine. Good luck identifying the mark. It’s a lovely piece!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog while searching Nickel Silver Bell. I have a copper belt buckle with turquoise that I found many years ago and knew nothing of its origin until today. It has the round Nickel Silver Bell with a bell inside stamp. Id like to know if its real Turquoise and what years it may be from.

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