Custom Holster Silverwork by Henry Yazzie

My husband gave me a sweet gun for my birthday. It is a mint condition Colt Police Positive 38 made in 1917.

He said the gift came with a holster of my choice. So I selected a Barsony black leather holster, made in the USA.

I sent the holster to Henry Yazzie through his business partner Diane Radeke (see their contact information at the end of this article) along with my rough drawing that asked for 3 stars from Orion’s belt and a dragonfly in silver.

Knowing that the silver would have to be attached to and likely through the leather, I also requested that there would be no metal on the inside that would scratch my collectible treasure.  I probably didn’t need to mention this as both Diane and Henry collectively have vast experience and would have known this already, but special order instructions are always graciously received by them. They want to get it right.

I couldn’t have been happier and more pleased with the outcome – what do you think?  Paula

Diane Radeke
P. O. Box 55935
Phoenix, AZ 85078

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