Zuni Artist Don Dewa

Zuni artist Don Dewa has been actively making his spectacular inlay jewelry since the 1970s.

He has used several hallmarks:
DON DEWA CUSTOM MADE JEWELRY ZUNI NM STERLING with a sunface (see example below)


When he he collaborates with his wife, Velma E. Dewa, they sign D & V DEWA

He is noted for his beautiful inlay and most notably his spinner bracelets. A spinner, in this case, is a rotating sunface that has different inlay on each side.  See the photos.

Don Dewa spinner pendant

Don Dewa spinner bracelet

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Click to see a spinner bracelet by Don Dewa


From American Indian Jewelry by Gregory Schaaf


2 thoughts on “Zuni Artist Don Dewa

  1. I really love the inlay and unique spinner concept of Don Dewa’s work. However, I find that the first thing I always do with anything on a piece of jewelry that is reversible is to check and see the “other” side. They always seem to have one side that’s more elaborate or thought-out, and one that’s less so. Why is that? Even so, I wouldn’t turn away any of Don’s work!

    • I’ve found that one side of any inlay pendant, for example, will be ornate and elaborate such as a mesa night scene, and the other side will be plainer, maybe just cobblestone inlay of one stone, turquoise. For different tastes, moods, outfits. A good thing !

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