Social Media Friends – Weekend Special September 21-24, 2018

Hello to all our social media friends on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linked In, Pinterest, Tumblr and more……………………

If you are reading this, you are one of our friends and likely a customer at the webstore

As you might know, we rarely have sales or specials but recently we marked down at least 50% of the items in our Vintage Shop and Bargain Barn to make room for the steady flow of estate items that are streaming into our store.

So besides the lowered prices (and free shipping on all Bargain Barn items) we are offering our Social Media friends a special offer from 8 AM Mountain Time Friday September 21 through 8 AM Monday September 24.

During that time, if you buy any TWO bracelets in our Vintage Shop or Bargain Barn, you may choose a FREE third bracelet of equal or lesser value to the lower priced bracelet you purchased.

So here’s how it works:

Go to the bracelet section in either the Vintage Shop or the Bargain Barn or both and put two bracelets into your shopping cart.

Look at the price of the lowest priced bracelet in your cart and choose a free one from either the Vintage Shop or Bargain Barn that is priced at or below that lower priced bracelet.

In the note section of your order, put the item number of the free bracelet, a brief description and the price. Continue checking out, paying for just the two bracelets. I will include the FREE bracelet with your order. If you want to tell me what social media program you saw this offer on, I would LOVE to hear !

Here is an example:

Say you want to buy these two bracelets:

Wilbert Benally $295


Steve Yellowhorse $195

You would put them in the shopping cart and since the lower priced bracelet is $195, look for a free one for $195 or lower.

Maybe you like this one

BP 410 Marisal Selecion $195

Don’t add it to the cart, just write in the note section

“FREE bracelet BP 410 Inlay $195”

and I’ll enclose the free bracelet with your order.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Remember, the sale doesn’t start until 8 AM Friday morning, but if you do your browsing now, you can have your choices ready……….Paula

Inlay Tadpole Bracelets by Larry Castillo

In two separate estate lots, we received two unique Larry Castillo bracelets.

Larry Castillo Inlay Bracelet

Larry Castillo Inlay Bracelet


Larry Castillo Bracelet

Both of them are made in what I have heard is a “Tadpole” design. That refers to the shape of the bracelet.

Tadpole Design

Tadpole Design


A tadpole is the tailed aquatic larva of an amphibian (frog, toad, newt, or salamander) in the stage where the legs haven’t developed yet.

A wonderful feature of the tadpole design is that the curve fits around the prominent wrist bone so is very comfortable to wear.

Tadpole bracelet fit

Tadpole bracelet fit


Larry Castillo is one of the top contemporary Navajo inlay artists – his designs are a combination of traditional and abstract elements. Other than that, I do not know much about him. If anyone has any other biographical information on Larry Castillo, I would appreciate knowing it.

Hallmark of Larry Castillo

Hallmark of Larry Castillo


tadpole 2