What is the story on this bracelet?

I recently purchased a bracelet which was made by Tom and Sue Kee.  Can you explain what the story is about?  I can send you a picture.
I am not selling my jewelry.  We just were in Arizona and it was purchased at Black Arrow Indian Art in Prescott Arizona.  It cost approximately $200.  My husband purchased it as a gift for me.
I have attached the photo.  I only want to know what is the story on this bracelet.
I hope you can help.
IMG_0959 croppedHi Debbie,
You have a storyteller bracelet by Tom and Sylvia Kee, a Navajo husband and wife team that have been making storyteller items for a number of years. (By the way, the name Sue was erroneously carried forward for several years based on a mistake made at one of the dealers in New Mexico and many people repeated “Tom and Sue Kee” but Sylvia contacted me and told me the story !)
Storyteller bracelets show Navajo life. The home (hogan) and the activities around the home such as cooking, weaving, tending livestock, driving a wagon to town. The scenery of the area such as buttes, trees and shrubs and sometimes clouds are also depicted. It is hard for me to see the exact details of your bracelet in the photo but if you click on some of these bracelets you will see some of the typical stories depicted.
Storyteller bracelet by Tom and Sylvia Kee, Navajo
Enjoy your beautiful bracelet !! A lovely gift from your husband.
PS As Russ Nobbs mentioned in his note below, the “real” storyteller is something more like this: