How do I open this key ring?

Hi Paula,

I bought this key ring and it’s beautiful, but how do you open it to put on keys? Don’t mean to be dumb about this, but don’t want to break it.

Thanks, Phyllis


Hi Phyllis,
You are not dumb at all. It is one of those things that is easy once you know how it works. But I’m like you, I would rather understand something than try to force it open.
Flip the key ring over and hold the key fob (in this case your gorgeous turquoise stone) in one hand and the key ring clip in the other. Note that the arrow points to the clip latch that must clear the keeper in order to open.  The key ring clip has a hump on the side with the clip which makes it somewhat easier for you to squeeze that side inward to release the latch. It does take a bit of strength.  Once you feel and see that the latch has cleared the keeper, pull slightly backward.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce it is open you can slide your keys on.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is a lot easier to slide back in and rehook.

Zia Pueblo – Zia Sun Symbol – New Mexico State Flag Borrows Symbol

The Zia Pueblo north of Albuquerque, New Mexico is part of the larger Pueblo community of southwest Native Americans. The Zia Pueblo has been occupied continuously since 1250 AD. The Zias are noted for their pottery and their use of the sacred sun symbol.

Traditionally a circle with rays pointing in the four directions, the Zia symbol is painted on pottery and drawn in the ground for various ceremonial purposes.


Four is sacred to the Zia and represents a variety of natural forces:

The four directions

The four seasons

The four phases of the day – sunrise, noon, evening and midnight

The four phases of life – childhood, youth, adulthood and old age

The four sacred obligations – to develop a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit and a devotion to the well being of ones people.

The Zia Pueblo has its own flag


The Zia symbol is also used on the New Mexico state flag, highway markers, and as design elements in state buildings. You might have seen the symbol as a design on a tee shirt or a coffee cup or a pendant and thought “Oh, yeah, the state symbol of New Mexico”. Well, I’m not sure New Mexico ever got permission to use the ancient Zia Pueblo symbol, but that’s another story. I do want you to know that the symbol originated long before there was a state of New Mexico and its flag.

newmexicoflagpicture1You’ll also see the Zia symbol used by southwest Native American artists in all types of jewelry, with and without a sunface at the center. Here is a key ring with an inlaid Zia sunface symbol.


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Native American Safety Pin Key Rings are Back !

A month ago a gentleman in Australia bought one of the Navajo Safety Pin Key Rings we had on our site.  Then a few weeks later (after he received it) he bought all of the Navajo Safety Pin Key Rings we had in stock ! I wondered what he was going to do with them all but being too polite to pry, I just wondered…….until his letter came spontaneously.

Hi Paula
Thx for that. To tell you a little story. We bought that key ring  about 15 yrs ago in Breckenridge when we were in The States skiing. My wife loved that key ring and she lost it 2 weeks ago. She was heart broken not to mention car keys ($500 electronic) plus house keys etc. I went to Google and I found you I was delighted and so was my wife when the key ring arrived. We told the story to friends and everybody wanted one so that how the large order came about. God bless.
Kind regards, Robert
That was a great little glimpse into how widespread Native American jewelry is and how such a little thing can bring such joy !
We were able to replenish our supply so for those of you who have been asking the last few weeks………..the Safety Pins are Baaaaaaaaackkkkk !!!!
Have a good evening,