Petite Squash Blossom Necklace – have you ever seen one?

Hi Paula,

I have a petite squash blossom that I’ve never seen another like it. Measures 12 1/4″ end to end, the naja is 1/2 x 1/2″. How you ever seen one this small? Maker?




Hi Pamela,

I’ve never seen one quite like yours but I’d guess either:

Navajo made OR

Native American style, shop made such as Bell Trading type piece OR

imported (not NA made)

Here is a small Navajo made squash blossom necklace – it is 16 inches long and made with 3 mm beads.


Miniature Squash Blossom Necklace by Larry Curley

You can see how small it is by the dime in the photo – similar scale to yours I’d think.


Here is a small Zuni needlepoint squash blossom necklace that is 18″ long and the Naja is 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″


Miniature Zuni Needlepoint Squash Blossom Necklace by Lorena Peina


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What can you tell me about this Lloyd Bicenti Storyteller Belt?

Hi Paula,
I recently purchased a storyteller belt by Lloyd Bicenti.  It has 8 rectangular sections plus the buckle. I would like to know what the story is for this specific belt, but would also like to know if there is a source that one could go to about different story belts and bracelets.
Thank you,
story belt001 story belt002 story belt003Hello Arthur,

Your beautiful belt depicts Kachinas, the eagle kachina and the antelope kachina to name just a few that are masterfully represented on the belt.

Kachinas represent the forces of nature, human, animal, plant, and act as intermediaries between the world of humans and the gods. Kachinas play an important part in the seasonal ceremonies of the Hopi, which encompass generations of passed-on knowledge and tradition, and has become the subject of a number of books. The simplified description here is meant only as an introduction.

A kachina has three aspects. The supernatural being as it exists in the minds of the Hopis; the masked impersonator of the supernatural spirit; and the dolls that are made in the likeness of the masked impersonator of the supernatural spirit.

Traditionally, kachina dolls are created by Hopi or Zuni artists. Your belt is made by a Navajo silversmith.

There are many good books written about kachinas – one of the books I show below talks about 266 different kachinas, often with subtle differences between them.  To find out which kachinas are represented on your belt, I’d suggest some online or library research.

We have a very few kachinas on our website (click on the last photo) but there are websites that devote many pages to describing them.

scan0007 scan0009Best of luck with your research and enjoy that gorgeous work of art !


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Is this miniature pitcher authentic Native American made ?

Good Morning Paula,
My name is Tony and I have a small store in Lusk, Wyoming. I sell all type of antiques and jewelry which include costume and real.  Plus I have a nice collection of Native and Mexican jewelry made of sterling and set with various stones.  I just recently bought off eBay and got my first package today, of which I got a miniature pitcher which you have listed on your site for sale.  The pitcher you have says it’s made by Elizabeth Whitman.  The piece I have is the same measurement in height and looks exactly the same, but the markings on base are RRW over the word STERLING.  Can you elaborate for me if this is a fake?  The only RRW I’ve been able to locate is Raymond Ray Whitman; a mixed media artist from the Creek Yuchi Tribe in Oklahoma.  Is he related to Elizabeth Whitman? Thank you.
I only know of Elizabeth Whitman and her son Wesley Whitman. Elizabeth makes pitchers and tea sets and pots and pans.
Here is a pitcher for comparison – it is similar to yours but there are some differences such as the overall shape, the shape of the handle, the lip and so on.
Wesley also makes those items and in addition, some beautiful seed pots and wedding vases.
I have never seen another family member associated with the Whitmans or their miniatures nor have I seen the RRW hallmark.  Perhaps another reader of this blog has seen the hallmark.
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The older I get, the larger the pill box I need……..

I used to be able to fit all the pills I needed to carry around with me in one tiny little silver “stamp” box and even at that they were just a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen for the occasional headache or pain.

My old box shown here with a dime. Small.

Now with all the vitamins and nutraceuticals I take 3 times a day just to keep going, I need a *tip truck of a pill box to haul those around.

Here’s the size of my latest pill buddy.

*Tip truck – When taking an Australian friend to the movies here in the US, he cried out  “a tip truck” when he saw the size of our popcorn buckets. It can never be anything else after that and while my new pill box is not quite that big, it does border on that compared to my olden. By the way, a tip truck is what a dump truck is called in Australia.

Navajo Whitman Family Makes Precious Miniatures

Navajo silversmith Elizabeth Whitman and her son Wesley make incredibly cute and precious sterling silver miniatures such as tiny coffee pots, tea kettles and more. Note that this is a dime that is shown in the photos.