Information please on Navajo Storyteller Pendant by Jeff James

Hi Paula,

I’m trying to get some information on and find the value of a Jeff James story telling pendant that I inherited. I’ve attached a photo and scanned notes that may have been giving to her by the artist. Thank you, Shelley

Hi Shelley,

The drawing and notes you sent seem like they could have been written by the artist or by a person who the artist was talking to about the storyteller pendant.

The notes indicate:

Shiprock is in the center of the pendant.

The four sacred colors are used to depict the four sacred mountains that form the physical border of the Navajo reservation.

The mesa designs around the border symbolize the steps up out of the underworld as the Navajo came up from the underworld to earth.

All of that sounds in line with Navajo legend and tradition. And the images of the mesas and the Navajo man and woman are very much Jeff James and just like the ones he makes today. Here are some examples of his current work which will help you value your piece.