Amethyst Slave Bracelet with SC hallmark

Recently my boyfriend bought me a amethyst slave bracelet. I was trying to do some research on the item and can not find anything like it online. In my search I came across your Yazzie slave bracelet, it is the closest bracelet I have found to mine. The chaining is the same. The silver work is close to several of your Navajo pieces. I thought it very unusual that the piece had amethyst instead of turquoise. It is stamped with the same sterling stamp as some of your others but underneath is SC in graved. I was wondering if you might know anything about the piece or could point me in the right direction in finding out about the piece. I appreciate your time and any help you can give me. Shannon

Hello Shannon,

Slave bracelets are not typically associated with Native American culture. Although it is said their origin is Africa, they are more commonly associated with the other “Indian” culture, that is, India. They are a common piece of jewelry associated with harems and belly dancing.

A slave bracelet has 3 parts all connected together – like yours. The bracelet, the ring, and the connector. Sometimes the connector is a series of chains and sometimes there is an island in the middle of the chains between the bracelet and the ring, like your bracelet and like the one below.

With that said, we have had several older Native American made slave bracelets come through our pawn shop as you have discovered. And contemporary Navajo and Zuni artists are currently making slave bracelets. Where there is demand, there will be supply.

I’ve seen Native American made slave bracelets of all silver, silver with turquoise, malachite or onyx but  I’ve never seen one made with amethyst. So you have a unique item there ! It does look Navajo style.

As far as the hallmark SC, I have no information on that but perhaps someone reading the blog might.