I can’t find the artist “Bennett” anywhere – who made my bolo tie?


Hi Paula,

I have looked everywhere on line and in books and I can’t find any information on at artist, perhaps Bennett Pat or Pat Bennett whose name is on the back of my bolo tie. Can you help?


Well without a photo Ron, I’m guessing what you are seeing is something like this




stamped on the locking slide on the back of your bolo…yes?


If so, that refers to a person who designed and manufactured the first locking bolo slide clip about the mid 1950s and the slides carried this stamp


Although the above indicates that a patent had been applied for, there is no patent registered according to anything I  have read.

In the mid 1960s the C-31 disappeared and the stamp was simply


It is my opinion and experience that soon thereafter, others began copying the clasp so the copy-cats didn’t add the BENNETT name on it. We refer to unmarked clasps as “Bennett-style” clasps.  I’ve seen unmarked locking clasps on bolos made from the 1960s through til today.

An unmarked Bennett-style locking clasp

The marking on your bolo slide might be a partial stamp that made you think it said “BENNETT PAT”.

You should look carefully all over the back of the bolo itself (not the slide) for any kind of marks – often these are quite light as they are sometimes done with an engraver. That information plus a photo of the front of the bolo would be helpful in determining the origin, and perhaps the artist who made your bolo.

Best of luck, Paula

Can you Help me With OLD Bolo Hallmarks?

Hi Paula
I came by your information by chance and thought I would see if you could help me with some Native American jewelry Hallmarks on bolos.  First is a horse shoe type with an arrow over rays or other arrows. The other is a dancer with a simple hand engraved T I H. Both are quite old, somewhere between the 1930’s and perhaps early 1950’s.
Thank you,
IMG_20130430_104527_652 IMG_20130430_104610_576 IMG_20130430_104623_061 IMG_20130430_104646_170IMG_20130430_104623_061 closeup
Hi Connie,
Both your Naja and Knifewing bolos seem to be quite old, with hand made bolo slides – before the popular Bennett bolo slide appeared on the scene.
First the Naja with an arrow and rays. Read more about the Naja here.
I don’t recognize the hallmark and do not see it in any of my hallmark reference books.
Next the Knifewing with TIH. Read more about Knifewing here.
I don’t recognize the hallmark and do not see it in any of my hallmark reference books.
I looked it up as you suggested with TIH and also as a cross followed by IH which is what it seems to me. I came up empty.
Perhaps a reader of this blog might recognize these old marks.