Info please on this pendant necklace with a crescent moon and a R

Hi  I’m wondering if you could help me i’m looking for info on this pendant necklace. I know the maker is  Roderick Roger Tenorio.  Thanks Terri
front hallmark
Hi Terri,
When a piece has the half moon and the R, it indicates it is from the manufacturing company “Relios, Inc.”
I doubt that Roderick Tenorio is the actual maker of your item as it only has the hallmark of Relios Inc, the company of Carolyn Pollack jewelry, southwestern production jewelry sold on QVC.  My understanding is that artists are involved with designing the pieces with Carolyn Pollack and the items are then manufactured by her company.
When asked on her website where their jewelry is made, here is her answer:

“How and where is your silver jewelry made?

Our jewelry is made in the heart of the Southwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our jewelry line is made from design to delivery and has been since 1975. Bill Pollack is the founder and President of Relios Jewelry and he and his wife Carolyn Pollack, Vice President and Lead Jewelry designer, have built the company into a successful, internationally renowned business over the past 30 years. Carolyn Pollack Jewelry is made with .925 sterling silver and natural gemstones. Carolyn Pollack is the original southwestern-lifestyle jewelry designer and along with many of our collectors, agrees that true Southwestern jewelry should be made in the USA. At a time when most manufacturing in this country is being done overseas, it is a bold business goal and it is in keeping with Carolyn Pollack Jewelry’s dedication to the authentic Southwestern lifestyle. 

 Bill and Carolyn Pollack are long-time collectors of Native American art and are committed to promoting cutting-edge Native American design and positioning native artisans as designers in the jewelry world. They have partnered with acclaimed Native American designers Roderick Tenorio, Fritz Casuse, Veronica Benally, Cody Sanderson, Myron Panteah, Wanesia Misquadace, Veronica Poblano and Cippy CrazyHorse, licensing their designs to be manufactured in the company’s Albuquerque production studio. Through QVC and Carolyn Pollack Jewelry’s other retail channels, the designs of these talented artists have been introduced to an international audience.

Today more than 220 associates are employed in Carolyn Pollack Jewelry’s production facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2011, the company created 577 new designs and shipped more than 650,000 units. All Carolyn Pollack Jewelry is made in the USA in Carolyn and Bill’s Albuquerque production facility.”

For your further reference, I posted an answer to a similar query here on my blog which shows the hallmark of Roderick Tenorio – click on the article below.

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Handmade by Navajo artist Tommy Singer

Roderick Tenorio not Roderick Torino

Hello Paula,

Hope you can answer a question for me. I was in Santa Fee (years ago) and during the open market I purchased a sterling silver cuff bracelet from I thought the artist Roderick Torino.

It is stamped sterling with RMT and a symbol like a loop with 2 lines across it.


Is this his jewelry? What is the difference between the half-moon R and the one I have?

Does this mean he didn’t make it?


Hi Renee,

First of all, it is Roderick Tenorio, a Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) artist who shares the hallmark with his wife Marilyn.

The hallmark you show is their hallmark.

When a piece also has the half moon and the R, it is an additional mark to indicate it is from the shop “Relios” which is now Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver jewelry.

That group of hallmarks were on the bracelet in our pawn shop which is probably how you found us and why you wrote us.