Mole Tracks Under the Snow

I hiked across the pastures yesterday taking advantage of the warm weather.

The snow has melted and revealed mole tracks on the top of the ground where the moles were busy tunneling under the snow.

Mole Tracks Revealed After the Snow Melts

Jet Mole Fetish Carving by David Yazzie, Navajo

The mole is one of the guardians of the six directions.  The mole guards the lower regions of the earth.

Mole – The Protector of the Underworld and Crops, Awareness, Introspection

Wanted – A Six Directions Fetish Necklace Set

Six Directions Fetish Necklace by David Yazzie, Navajo

Dear Paula,

My name is Erika and I am inquiring about a necklace and earring set that I saw on your website, however it said that it was already sold. I would like to know if it is, in anyway possible, to special order another one from the artist? I know that these are unique items, but this necklace was so wonderful and perfect, I thought it was worth the try!! The necklace was by Navajo artist David Yazzie and it was his Six Directions Fetish necklace with matching earrings.

I great appreciate your time and love your website!!!!

Thank  you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


Hi Erika,

It just so happens that I do have one more set like that which I have not had the time to photograph and list yet………so it is yours !!

Each year when we come back from our annual buying trip, we have hundreds of items just waiting for us to have the time to get them up on the website.

Some of the rest of you have written about items and have already received them – that makes me happy !

So don’t hesitate to write me and ask if there is something you are looking for – it could likely be in in a tray next to the photo light box……in the queue to be photographed.

By the way, I just love the Six Directions necklace and the Six Directions in general, so I am so happy you asked.

Be sure to watch the NEW page.

Six Directions Zuni Fetishes


Native American Symbols – The Medicine Wheel

Oglala Lakota Medicine Wheel

Oglala Lakota Medicine Wheel

Native American Symbols – The Medicine Wheel

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The Medicine Wheel, or Circle of Life, is found in many tribes and in many parts of the world, but there are beliefs common to them all. The compass points North, South, East and West give four directions. Mother Earth is below and Father Sky is above, giving six directions. These six directions are also symbolized by animal fetish carvings.

The circle shape represents life. We change like the seasons as we pass through life, traveling through the path of the circle. The center of the circle is the Spirit, from which everything extends and everything returns.

Below are some general beliefs about the colors, animal totems and uses of the medicine wheel. Various tribes have different versions of the medicine wheel as to which color should be located where and what it represents. Every tribe and every person has their own beliefs and you should use what best fits what you believe.

Oglala Lakota Medicine Wheel