Is burning incense the same as smudging?

HI Paula

I have moved into a new apartment recently, which I would love, if only negative things didn’t keep happening here.   A German friend of mine (we are all in the music business) is, like me, very interested in American Indian traditions, etc., and recommended sage smudging.   I am handicapped and a bit frightened to light any kind of fire in the home for the smoke, so bought some sage incense sticks which burn and smoke, so I hope they will do the same job, or rather, have the same outcome.   What do you think?
Best wishes,

Hi Rosemary,

It depends on how traditional you want to be about your smudging.

If you want to burn incense, that’s one thing. If you want to purify your surroundings in ceremony, that is quite something different.

Perhaps you haven’t read this article on our website:

Here is a place you can browse smudging supplies.

Smudge kit consisting of white sage, sweetgrass braid, a smudging bowl, a feather fan and a medicine bag in which to carry it all.

Help – Attached Spirit From Haunted House Follows Me

Hello Paula,
I have an attached spirit  that followed me from a haunted house that is very stubborn do you have anything that will help get rid of it asap?
Thanks Sabrina
Dear Sabrina,
Oh dear. First of all, I hope you are not frightened. Some people are frightened of spirits and others enjoy interacting with spirits. I hope, whatever your circumstance, that you are not afraid of what you are experiencing.
Secondly, I have no knowledge or first hand experience with haunted houses or attached spirits. I didn’t even know what an attached spirit is – I had to google it to learn the prevailing definition:
An attached spirit is when an earthbound spirit is attracted to a living person and then begins to “hang out” with the living person.
Also, I want you to know that I am not a spiritual adviser.

With all that said, I’ve heard of people carrying or wearing an object so that the stubborn attached spirit is attracted to and absorbed by the item. Then the item can be ceremonially buried. That is one idea. Here, for example, is:
Raven Spirit Doll by Cynthia Whitehawk, Apache
Turtle Spirit by Alan Monroe, Oglala Lakota
Broadface Kachina by Loretta Multine, Navajo/Hopi
Another would be smudging to purify the space around you and your surroundings (car, home, workplace). You can read about smudging to see if that is something for you.

Best of luck Sabrina and be safe !