Native American Sterling Silver Jewelry Display Ideas from Tallbear

This from Blog Reader Tallbear who originally asked me about storage and display.

Hey Paula,
I am sending the two pics showing the display cases.

The Squash and Buckles I had purchased some anti-tarnish cloth and took it to the craft shop that was going to frame it for me.  I had the shop cover the inside back with that then mount the items on it using stick pins and frame them.  It is quite a large wall mounted display.

The two watch cuffs and the bracelet, I found a display case for baseballs at a craft store, got one for three baseballs.  cut two pieces of Styrofoam (swim noodle) and covered them with the anti-tarnish cloth and put the watch cuffs around them and the bracelet in the middle.

Hopefully the anti- tarnish cloth will keep them polished. Any way, hope this will give others some ideas.


Hi Tallbear,

Thanks so much for the ideas. Please let us know if either or both methods prevent tarnish.

This ties in nicely to the last part of my series on storage to prevent tarnish which will come by the weekend. So stay tuned.


What is the best way to store Native American jewerly to keep it from tarnishing?


What is the best way to store and or display sterling silver jewelry in order to keep it from getting tarnished?  Don’t want to have to keep polishing.



Hi Tallbear,

This is such a long overdue answer – I’m working my way through all the great questions. Have you read the article I have written on Care of Sterling Silver Native American Jewelry ?

I’ve taken some photos of the ways I store my own personal jewelry and will share some of these ideas with you – but these are just to get you started. I hope this will get you started into thinking of things you can do that suit your collection and needs.

For Valentines Days a couple of years ago I gave hubby a nice decanter of Corazon tequila that came in a cool wooden box with a neat brass hasp.

Well leave it to him to come up with a nifty storage cabinet for my silver beads.

Storage box for Navajo Pearls

He lined the box with anti-tarnish cloth, the type that lines your silverware storage box.  Then he mounted four pieces of tubing for hanging the beads and finished each off with a cool marble which not only looks great but keeps the beads from sliding off the end.

To allow the box to open without it dragging on the top of the vanity, he attached wooden discs on the bottom – these happen to be wooden wheels from model cars – available at hobby shops.

Some of my beads are vintage and have great old patina which I don’t remove but the newer beads stay very shiny in my little vault.

In fact, it worked so well, I bought him another bottle of that tequila and voila ! #2 has Indian Head pennies on the end of the rods instead of marble. How cool is this?

Watch for more articles featuring my personal jewelry storage solutions…….but I’m going to answer other questions in between…………enjoy !