Horse Whisperer Sterling Silver Twist Bracelets Scarcer than Hen’s Teeth

We did manage to find a few. We don’t have all styles in all sizes but at least a few and they are going fast.

Silver Price Affects Production of Native American Sterling Silver Bracelets

Many of you have written the last several months, hoping to find those nice heavy sterling silver Navajo bracelets for yourselves and for those on your Christmas list.

So this article is a further answer to all of you – and those of you searching for bracelets such as these.

Classic Navajo Sterling Silver Twist Bracelet by the Tahe Family

Twist bracelets such as the one above weigh in at 65-105 grams depending on the size and thickness.

Because of the high and rising price of silver, these bracelets simply are not being made. The bracelets we have listed on our Sterling Silver Twist Bracelet page might be the last ones we are able to get for quite a while.

Here’s another example. We purchased this 74 gram bracelet in 2008 when silver was $14.99 an ounce. It’s retail price at the time of our purchase was $225. We sold it today for that price and yet today silver is trading at $30 an ounce.  If we could get this bracelet from the artist today, it would likely cost $400 or more.

Sterling Silver Bear Storyteller Bracelet by Richard Singer, Navajo

Horsekeeping has a policy of not raising prices when silver goes up. We keep the prices as they were when we purchased the items. However, the next time we purchase sterling silver items (probably May 2011) such as Sterling Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Beads AKA Navajo Pearls and so on, the prices will likely be much higher or the items will not even be available.

To read more about silver prices, here is my post from October 2010

How the Silver Price Affects the Cost and Availability of Native American Jewelry

Sterling Silver Navajo Pearls by Larry Pinto, Navajo

Enjoy browsing through our inventory at “old silver prices” !!!